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8 Best Destinations for Chocolate Lovers

Broc, Switzerland

Cailler chocolate factory
Top reasons to go: Cailler chocolate factory

Brussels, Belgium

Top reasons to go: Numerous chocolatiers and chocolate shops, home to world-renowned Godiva and Leonidas; chocolates from Jean Galler, Passion Chocolat, Pierre Marcolini, and Wittamer among many others; the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate

Cologne, Germany

Cologne chocolate factory
Top reasons to go: Germany’s chocolate capital, the Stollwerck chocolate company, the Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum (chocolate museum)

London, England

Paul A Young
Top reasons to go: Home to some of the world’s finest artisanal chocolate, the chocolate boutiques like Hotel Chocolat, Paul A Young, and Rococo

Oaxaca, Mexico

Mayordomo Chocolate
Top reasons to go: The traditional Mexican chocolate drinks, the chocolate houses and places like the Mayordomo Chocolate shops

Paris, France

Top reasons to go: The wide array of chocolate shops and boutiques, artisanal chocolates, the Le Salon du Chocolat

Tain L’Hermitage, France

Top reasons to go: The Valrhona Ecole Chocolat and the Valrhona chocolate factory and museum

Tuscany, Italy

chocolate fair Florence
Top reasons to go: The Chocolate Valley that is home to small chocolate factories and gourmet chocolate shops