Use a Framing Nailer the Right Way

Ready to make a wooden sheathing to hide all your chocolates and desserts? The framing nailer got you covered!

What is it?

Usually interchanged with a finishing nailer, a framing nailer is used for large wood projects like fence building, wood siding, and deck building.

How should I use it?

nail-gun-framing-nailer-navyFraming nailers have a large cylinder which is above the nailer’s tip. This tip is a safety property that should be depressed against the wood before the trigger will fire.

To fire your nailer, first position the cylinder and nail tip. Align them in the direction you wish the nail to shoot.

Before pulling the trigger, press the framing nailer into the wood to push the nail tip. The nailer must fire one nail into the wood with the head slightly depressed (around 1/8-inch). If you need the nail to sink into the wood a bit more or a bit less, you can do that by adjusting the depth adjustment on your framing nailer.

How can I ensure my safety?

Always wear the appropriate clothes, recommended safety glasses, and hearing protection. Remember, framing nailers can be somewhat loud. Treat your nailer the way you treat other power tools.

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Don’t ignore the safety features of your framing nailer. Always keep the nail tip of the nailer; never remove or disable it in an attempt to increase speed. If you do so, your nailer would be similar to a dangerous gun without a safety. Mind you; a framing nail has the power to be as risky as a bullet.

Also, avoid pulling the nail tip back using one hand while firing with your other hand. This is a horrible idea because nail guns can misfire. I know you value your hands as much as I value mine, so please don’t try this stunt.

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