7 Best Chocolate Cafes in the World for the Chocoholic in You


A true chocoholic’s love for chocolates knows no bounds. And for the globetrotting chocolate lovers out there, stumbling upon places that allow for some heavenly chocolate indulgences would a great treat. Whether you are on the lookout for the best chocolate shops and cafes or just looking around for ideas for future choco-themed trips, here are seven of the best chocolate cafes that you may want to add to your list.

Cafe Sacher (Vienna, Austria)
Cafe Sacher
Why go: Go for the quintessential Viennese coffee-house atmosphere and a taste of the delicious Sacher torte. Located inside Hotel Sacher, the café serves the chocolate cake that was invented by Austrian prince Franz Sacher.

Chocolatería San Ginés (Madrid, Spain)
Chocolatería San Ginés
Why go: Chocolatería San Ginés is a café that dates back to 1894. Visit to get a taste of the hot and great-tasting Spanish chocolate and authentic churros.

Confiserie Sprungli (Zurich, Switzerland)
Confiserie Sprungli
Why go: Confiserie Sprungli is synonymous with Swiss luxury confectionary. The company dates back to 1836. Indulge in mouth-watering hot chocolate and melt in your mouth handmade dark chocolates and other sweets like the Luxemburgerli macaroons and truffles that will take your worries away.

La Maison Du Chocolat (New York, USA)
La Maison Du Chocolat
Why go: La Maison Du Chocolat has many shops across the globe. And its New York store has its share of regular customers who keep coming back for all the chocolate goodness it offers. Some of the must-try include the truffles, chocolate macaroons, and the hot chocolate.

Max Brenner (Melbourne, Australia)
Max Brenner
Why go: Chocoholics will find Max Brenner’s many creative ways of serving chocolate-centric or inspired dishes. Prepare for intense indulgences from the sinfully delicious hot chocolate drinks to the chocolate fondue to the chocolate pizza and everything else in between, this is one place you really can get serious about indulging.

Rabot 1745 (London)
Rabot 1745
Why go: When in London, swing by Rabot 1745 to get some of their scrumptious selections of sweets that include decadent brownies, chocolate apple crumbles, and more. Pair your sweet pick with one of their signature chocolate and coffee blends.

Said Chocolate (Rome, Italy)
Why go: With so much to see and things to do in Rome, sightseeing in the city can be tiring. There is no better way to treat the chocoholic in you than to head out to Said for some of the great-tasting Italian chocolates. Savor the treats and the rustic ambiance while watching the locals go by.

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Remember These When Eating Chocolates

Who doesn’t love to eat chocolates?

You see, chocolates are not just deemed comfort food for any reason. They’re the kind of food that literally makes a person happy by making one’s body release a significant number of endorphins – or what most people refer as happy hormones, which also helps improve one’s tolerance to pain and other agonizing feelings. They’re also the kind of food that basically makes a person active by making one’s body release a significant number of polyphenols – or what most people refer as reducing agents, which also helps lower one’s risks of having serious diseases like cancer.

But just like every other kind of food we eat, remember these when eating chocolates:

Go for the dark side.

dark chocolate

And no, it doesn’t mean crossing to the dark side like in Star Wars. But yes, it means going for the dark side – the healthiest side, even – of chocolate that is in the glorious form of dark chocolate. As bitter as it can be however, it’s packed with more nutrients than any other kinds of chocolate – making it a force to reckon with if you’re truly looking to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Swiss and consume.

swiss chocolate

And no, it doesn’t mean swishing and flicking like in Harry Potter. But yes, it means Swissing and consuming – Swiss chocolate ice cream, even – chocolate like never before. This is because Swiss chocolates have a smoother texture than any other kinds of milk chocolate. And even though it’s only creamier due to higher milk content and increased sugar content, it’s still the kind of chocolate that the next generation would love to continue producing due to its richness.

P.S. Just don’t Swiss and consume more than usual, okay? Okay.

Do you know any other reminders when eating chocolates? Let us know in the comments section below!

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